My trip to Athens and Santorini Island – 2016

Its time to update my previous trips. so I decided to upload my previous travel photos and include my opinion about each country. Bare with me as it takes loads of time for me to refresh my information. Thought it would be nice to have an online guide of places I previously visited its way easier to get information than depending on Instagram.


In 2016, I visited Greece for nearly 6 days, 2 in Athens and 4 in Santorini Island. It was such a beautiful trip, full of history, activities and also had a chance to chill, relax and enjoy beautiful sceneries of the beautiful Island.


The reason why I wanted to go is to visit the historical monuments, Athens is well known with its history and its ancients sightseeings. I think a day or two is more than enough, I didn’t really like the city in general so I think if you don’t like history and not that interested then don’t go. Most probably you would need to layover there to take and internal flight to the Island. 



Santorini Island 

What I loved about Santorini is that it has everything! amazing food, nice people, amazing shops that sell handmade stuff. Santorini is so chill compared to Mykonos, its known as a very romantic Island where couples travel to get married or to go on their honeymoon. Its a busy Island depending on the season, but you have so many options for hotels and you can book a hotel with a private pool if you don’t swim in public. Its quiet pricey to be honest so I guess you need to budget for it in advance!

In Santorini I had a chance to relax and disconnect, I did many activities like horse riding in the beach (A must do), I also did (Santorini volcano cruises) where you get to see the sunset and have lunch we booked ours with a group that we didn’t know and it was a fun way to meet people, you can have a private one too. In this tour, you can swim near the volcano if you want to and the guides cooked for us fresh food on the cruise!

I loved Thera and Oia villiage my favourite two places, Oai is known for the picture perfect spots and for the amazing sunset views. Everywhere is so picture perfect in Santorini so make sure you take pretty outfits with you!

Transportation is the worst! you hardly find taxis there, so it’s better to rent a car there use a local bus or check with the hotel if the offer transportation. We were lucky that our hotel offered private cars to take us around, so make sure you sort out your transportation situation in advance. 



Oman ..


My trip to Oman in March was one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever been to. I admired the people there and how hospitable they were. I felt the love and met so many amazing people that I met through social media.

I went to Nizwa (Aljabal alakhdar) for two days and Muscat for two days. If you want to know more details about my trip watch these videos: