Oman ..


My trip to Oman in March was one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever been to. I admired the people there and how hospitable they were. I felt the love and met so many amazing people that I met through social media.

I went to Nizwa (Aljabal alakhdar) for two days and Muscat for two days. If you want to know more details about my trip watch these videos:


Social media brought me closer to people that are living on the other side of this world..

I remember this day very well, it was the first time I saw Rabia in person when I went to Istanbul back in 2015. She was one of the kindest generous people that I ever met. I met her through Instagram then in real life. I love making friends from all around the world, I feel so lucky that I always travel to different destinations and meet the most amazing people! I am glad that social media brought me closer to people that are living on the other side of this world, but still we share many things in common. I am grateful that I met people like Rabia, even if we’re far, they would still greet me with an open arms whenever I plan to go back and visit them. That’s what I love about social media and travel the most.

Image details: Istanbul – Turkey 2015



Search for me and you will find me between the beats of your heart
I’ll be the light that guides you
I’ll be the voice that soothes your soul
And I’ll be your comfort whenever you feel far away from home.


When you love someone deeply, you love them completely with their flaws even when they’re hard to handle. When you love someone deeply their heart becomes your home & your safest place when you feel everything is going wrong because they will always help you and encourage you through life.
Katara – Doha,Qatar