When you start living for now and not the future, thats when you will start really living.




Nitro cafe – Doha 
November 2019

27th Birthday.

It has been another year full of changes, adventures, ups and downs. I’m grateful the new people that I met this year that added more light to my life and filled it with joy. I’m grateful for the ones that gave me another lesson in life. Grateful for the ones that let me down because they only lifted me higher and made me stand on my feet stronger than ever. Grateful for having the most amazing family, friends, health, food & shelter. All I need is happiness, more adventures & always appreciating simple pleasures of life.


Location: Flow coffee & Doha Fire-station

Why I decided to have my own website?

Hello Beautiful people!

I am trying to post recent images and also old images. I used to rely on social media for posting my photographs and I thought the best way to gather my work (That is captured by a professional camera) here on my website. On Instagram I focus on sharing stories and lifestyle so majority of images posted there are iPhone pictures. I decided to create this website to share my work, stories and writings. I am combining old and new images because I guess its still a frozen memory after all and my main aim is to focus on the memory itself and sharing whatever was captured through my lens. Having a website is important and will never go off trend and the best way to show people your work! So I thought it will be great to have all of my work in one place. 

Every image here tells a story, a moment that had a special meaning to me. Every image has a feeling. 

I photograph whatever captures my eyes and I pay attention to small details.



Image taken: Scotland, January 2015