The Secret letters of the Monk who sold his Ferrari
This book is beautiful because it talks about a guy that was given the opportunity to travel through he wasn’t interested. He travelled to few destinations and learned many lessons about different people, cultures and destinations. Felt like I travelled with them! It was full of wisdoms and humbling lessons. What I learned is no matter how much you own you should never neglect the little details and always remain humble. What caught my attention, is that when this guy travelled to one of the destinations he came across a guy that was very rich he was expecting him to drive the most expensive car but when he met the guy he drove him in a very basic car and he told him that he owns a basic car not because he can’t afford it but because he doesn’t need it. I love how simple this book is and very easy to read! it was definitely worth it. 


The five languages of Love by Gary Chapman 
I completed this book last month and I can say that this book is very useful. Gary Chapman wrote the 5 languages of love for married couples (Which I haven’t read yet) and it was very successful. Many single people were interested in knowing more about the different love languages when dealing with their fiancées, family, friends or colleagues  at work. Chapman decided to write a book that is dedicated to singles and also suitable for couples.
I found this book useful because it mentions that people have different love languages that they speak and that we should try to learn other people’s languages to establish or improve our relationships with others. We all love differently and we all have different approaches to love. They key of this book is that not all of us feel loved the same way, some feel loved by words, some by actions, some by gifts etc… If we learn to understand the love language of the person that we are dealing with then we will be able to communicate wisely instead of being selfish and only thinking about what makes us feel loved. In any relationship either its friendship, family or marriage both parties should make an effort in adapting and trying to speak the language of the other person. 
What is mentioned in this book makes sense because we all have different personalities and we all identify love differently, however its an eye opening and a reminder that we are all different even if we have many similarities. Also, love is not enough to remain a constant successful relationship we shall learn the languages of others and respect them. 




“For you a thousand times over”

The Kite runner:
The third novel I read from Khalid Hosseini (American/Afghani) writer. Before I read the first novel “Thousand Splendid Suns” I used to hate reading novels but it actually changed my opinion.  I came to realise that I love realistic novels that are inspired by true stories. Then I read “And the mountain echoed” was my least favourite but still loved it. After reading Khalid’s novels I learned a lot about Afghanistan and how people suffered living there during the war. His novels are artistic and you can actually live and feel the moment while reading he takes you to another world. The way he describes people, places and incidents are so accurate. The kite runner was truly a heartbreaking novel but also beautiful I enjoyed reading it so much.  more book reviews on Good Reads